Friday, March 22, 2019

Grown with Kindness (Paper Pumpkin) Reboot

Hello and happy sunny day here in Missouri!  I am prepping this post on a very sunny Tuesday and I love love love to see the sunshine!  I have been clearing up the mess on my desk and finishing up projects.  I also had a stack of tests/quizzes to grade for both of my students.  My treat, after finishing up school paperwork, was to stamp up the rest of the Grown With Kindness Paper Pumpkin kit.  I hope that you enjoy!  I watched quite a few YouTube videos for my inspiration.  Some of the cards are mine and some are from the videos.

Check out my original post from last week to see the cards that were recommended. 

Happy stamping!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Paper Pumpkin Grown With Kindness

I love it when I get little boxes of happiness in my mailbox!  Usually there is a plethora of junk mail and bills.  My kids tease me as I go dancing through the house with my new box.  I have a strict DO NOT OPEN until ready to stamp policy.  One of my children will not let me use the cute little ink squares (hence you will not see the Fresh Fig ink in square in any pictures today); she has fun creating a stack of the little squares in my stamping cupboard.  The next time I post I will try to take a picture of my stack.  She is a hoot!

Enjoy and click here if you want to check out the fun!

Happy Stamping!

Each box has one stamp set and ink pad.  It also has all of the supplies (ribbon, embellishments, adhesive) as well as pre-cut paper supplies for your projects!

All of the goodies inside of the box, except the ink square, of course!