Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mixed Medallions Card Kit for club

This card is simply not photogenic!  LOL!  I had to hold it closed so that it would stay flat but I am sure that a trip through the post office would fix that problem!  (I can hear the Momma Card say to the Baby Card..."If you don't straighten out, you will have a trip to the post office in your future!")  Yes, I am in a slap happy mood. 

This is a super kit and comes free with every $50 purchased!  It even has glue dots enclosed in the packet! 

Mixed Medallions card kit
Happy stamping!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brusho Celebrate Card for Club

Hello!  I had fun playing with the Brusho for this card.  I also pulled out my Celebrate You thinlit dies and loved them!

The Brusho was super easy to use.  I did NOT open the bottle but instead poked a hole in the lid with a push pin and saved the pin to act as a "stopper".  I sprinkled the red Brusho on my watercolor paper and then spritzed it with water.  After I let the red bleed into the water I added a few sprinkles of the Prussian blue.  Very cool!!!

Note to self...either punch the circle before you spritz or after the watercolor paper is completely dry.  One edge was not neatly punched out and I had to trim it a bit after it dried. 

Happy stamping!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Picture Perfect Birthday Card #1 for JC Club

Hello All!  Funny story...I was in the shower (best ideas ever there!) and realized that I promoted the stripes folder for stamp camp but then forgot to use it for my projects.  Guess what?  I will be reworking a few of those projects next week so that the Stripes folder is used.  I have a big basket of goodies that I fill up while I work on stamp camp items and it got so full that I "lost" my folder. 

Can I give a shout out for the Tutti Fruity sequins???  WOW!  I am in love with them!!!

This week is all about my club postings so keep watching.  Next week I will have posts with the Ashland club projects.  Plus....I have a few cards from Julie (trumpet plays here). 

Have a great President's Day!  The dictator in our house decreed that we continue with school today.  Hmmm, I wonder who that dictator is?  LOL!


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

PIcture Perfect Stamp Camp Card #5

Here is the last card for my stamp camp.  I apologize for the picture quality because my pic on the camera looks much better; for some reason it translates blurry on this program.  Sounds like a problem to solve this week...