Friday, November 14, 2014

Grateful To You Card

Hello and happy Thursday.  As I was giving a spelling test to my daughter I realized that I had forgotten to post in a few days.  Sheesh!  How hard can I make it?  LOL!  I have the posts "mostly" ready to go and just need to post a few words and click a button.  (-: 

My downline Shirley made this card and envelope and sweetly shared them with me for my blog.  Thanks, Shirley!  I hope to stamp up a storm this weekend now that my family is on the mend from the sneaky sneezes.  Even my darling hubby stayed home from work today.  As soon as I administer the necessary tests today I am going to sneak off and hit the stores for some much needed shopping.  The poor fridge is starving to death upstairs!

Happy stamping!

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