Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our new family member

Here is a picture of one happy girl!  She has been after her dad for years and begged for a dog; when we moved he sweetened the deal by offering a dog.  My daughter does not like change so it was a big adjustment for her to leave the only home she knew.  She found little Possum on at Second Chance in Columbia.  Yesterday we met him and his foster mommy at their pet store Lizzie and Rocco's (next to the HyVee on Grindstone) and my daughter fell in love!  It went very fast because I inquired about Possum on Monday morning and Tuesday night we started our one week trial.  Look at that picture and tell me how long the trail will last!  LOL!  He is already bonding with her and is such a little gentleman.  He never barks and loves to be cuddled.  Someone worked on her home school with a happy doggie in her lap.  (-:

I will post a card tomorrow but had to post this little cutie's pic today.

Happy stamping!  I am off to work on organizing my craft nook in the bonus room!


  1. YEA! for rescue pets! ADOPT DON'T SHOP!!! Good for you for adopting a shelter dog...aren't they the best?!!! Somehow they know you rescued them.
    Stephanie,I'm so grateful you've kept me on your mailing list. I so miss Jeff City and still hope that someday we'll get back. When my husband lived there, our two rescue dogs would come to visit (at the time I lived in Red Wing,MN) when my husband worked at the nuclear plant nearby. I was able to attend several of your stamp camps when I visited. I still have the cards/projects and recipes that we made when you coordinated with a few of your stamping demo friends.

    Again thanks for keeping me on your e-mail list. And happy wagging tails to you and your new family member!

    Kay Fulton

  2. Thank you, Kay! I was so tickled to see your comment and to hear from you. I have been wondering how you were doing. I am happy to include you on my email list and miss your smiling face!