Friday, September 23, 2016

My lastest bulletin board

Here is my latest creative attempt.  I am responsible for the bulletin board in the lower hallway at church and it is a big one!  For the past week or so it has been a winter scene because I kept forgetting to bring my supplies to church.  I found this board idea on Pinterest (where else?) and my faithful helper, Alysson, assisted me this morning.  I found most of the supplies at the Dollar Tree (cue the happy music) and just recycle the lettering and borders.  I decided this morning that I am going to treat myself to red or orange letters the next time I am near the Teacher's store because I am ready for another color!  LOL!

I found myself with a bit of time (nap versus stamp and you guessed which is chose to do) so I have a bunch of posts ready to go for those dry spells when I am too busy to stamp.  Gasp...not sure what kind of world we live in when a person is too busy to stamp but oh well!  (-:  I have been playing with the Gorgeous Grunge set paired with the Layering Love set.  Next week I will also be posting cards for my club and playing with the Paisley bundle.  I am ON PURPOSE NOT going to play with that bundle until Monday so that I have something REALLY fun to anticipate.  Sorry...problem with the caps lock button there...snicker!

The kidlings are going to be gone all day at a teen youth conference so I am hoping for stamping time!  Hooray!  Hmmm...what project should I work on next?  Maybe my Cookier Cutter Christmas class will get some posting time?  I am super excited about that class!!  I felt so crummy for so long that it is great to feeling well enough to care about having a class!

Happy stamping!

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