Thursday, January 31, 2013

Be My Valentine Card swap

Thank you to Kathy Kennedy for this cute swap card!  Simple and clean but classy!

Today was an exciting day in our house!  My daughter had been begging (literally) her father for guinea pigs and then someone found a free family of guinea pigs on Craig's List.  She talked her father into letting her just adopt the 3 month old boys (because I reminded her that she was responsible for the care and food).  We opted for a clear but long storage box with lid because it was bigger and cheaper than a cage.  She can save up for a cage later.  We hit Walmart for food, bedding, water dispenser, and food dish to save on start up cost; I also reassured her that an empty tissue box was cheaper than a store bought hideaway.  She is super excited because the critters were free and needed a home.  The owner had run out of pet food today and was anxious to send them to a new home.   (Not thinking about the other two animals and what was going to happen to them...probably Humane Society, right???)  LOL!

Have a good day and STAY WARM...brrrr!

Happy stamping!

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