Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coyote Hills 5k

Saturday I managed to walk (slowly) in the 5K for the Coyote Hills 5K fund raiser.  Coyote Hills is a Christian Children's home in the Columbia, MO area and seems to really make a difference in children's lives.  There was a vet there who came out of the home and had also gotten a loan from VU (sponsor of the 5K).

Click here to learn more about Coyote Hills Home.

I have not been able to sit down in front of the computer for very long lengths of time and I have not been able to stamp at all.  My lower back really started to hurt last week so I started to go to the doc several times a week for an aggressive  adjustments.  Doc had x-rays and determined that my pelvis is 23 cm off!  Normally folks come in and are only out by 2 or 3 cm so this would be why I hurt so much.  LOL!  I start PT as soon as we get the insurance company on the same page and the muscles relax.   Meanwhile, I am icing down my back and doing school work from the couch.  (-:  Every day it gets better and my kids are being such good helpers.

Good news!  I just saw on the news that the US Treasury dept just paid down on our national debt for the first time in six years!!!  Isn't that about the time someone came into office...scat...who said that?  Hopefully now the money pit has developed a bottom.  (-:

Hoping to stamp soon,

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