Friday, February 28, 2014

Repairing a broken Big Shot

Hello Ladies!  I have a friend who adores her Big Shot and emailed in a panic one day that her handle froze up.  Let me say right off the bat...DON'T THROW AWAY BROKEN MACHINES!  The first time I fixed a machine for a friend I searched high and low on the internet for suggestions and help.  The best I could find was a YouTube video of someone pitching her machine into a pool!!!  Yikes!  I shudder to think of wasting all that money when a call to Sizzix and $5 or $10 can fix it.

Yes, it will require a bit of work.  Yes, you have to wait for parts.  YES, Sizzix has amazing customer service and they will send out an envelope of parts to repair whatever ails your sick little machine friend.

The first machine I repaired had a gear broken inside (little gear attached to handle that pushed the big cogs you see in top picture) and it cost all of $5 for the replacement parts.  You do need the proper tools so I had to purchase snap ring pliers (some jewelry tools will work) to pull off snap rings.  I also needed to get a hooked pick.

The second machine that I fixed had a frozen handle.  Sizzix sent me new bearings (see top picture for the bearing I am holding) and a new crank shaft.  They also emailed instructions each time!  WOW!  I had to push the old bearings out of the metal thingy and push in the new bearings...the only hard part, quite frankly.  The new crank shaft popped right in and then I just had to reassemble.  Not quite easy-peasy but definitely doable.

A big thank you to Jennifer at Sizzix because she was so patient and helpful in this repair job.  She emailed my directions and gave me tips to replace bearings.

Sorry that this post is not creative in nature but this was my most important project of the week with the large exception of teaching my children.  LOL!

Happy stamping!


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