Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Secret SU Pal strikes again!

Wow!  Just when I needed a pick-me-up my SU Secret Pal strikes again!  I had a package on my door step when I got home from the doctor on Monday.  I was kind of low...the mono might be back and I got a phone call that my hubby's grandmother was back in the hospital...but God knew that I needed a boost.  What a wonderful God and what a wonderful secret pal!  His way is perfect and He will never give me more than I can handle.  (-:

I am so excited to see the sunshine again!  I am looking forward to planting spring flowers and might just get a head start on that by planting some seeds.  My kids always get a charge out of planting seeds and watching them grow in the house.  I have the green thumb "bug"!

Here are the goodies that my secret pal sent...don't ask me why the camera thought that the first picture was upside down.  Yeesh!  Notice the washi tape and dispenser?  I adore washi tape and use it ALL over my house!

Happy stamping!

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