Friday, April 3, 2015

Just For You Card

Yikes!  I can't believe that I forgot to post for three days!!!  I realize that I have thousand of viewers eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats with bated breath (the viewers and not the seats).  Yes, I am in a goofy mood today; hence, the misplaced modifiers and the extensive use of adjectives.  There (not their) are several teachers who follow my blog and today is the day I set out to show the world that I am educated.  LOL!

The front yard is looking better but is still a soupy mess.  Our new concrete porch has sufficiently dried and should be cured enough for errant postal workers and UPS drivers to traverse.  (Another big word!)  I was so worried when the USPS guy walked around the dirt piles last week to lay my package in the gravel pit (after the guys waterproofed the foundation) next to the door.  I had nightmares of lawsuits and dying men in brown uniforms littering my lawn.  Hopefully next week will be dry enough that the construction guys can come back to put up the permanent support posts of the porch, smooth out what is left of our lawn, and work on a step up to the porch.  We also will have to get someone here to repair the bricks around the door because a few fell off.  My hubby is going to work on the old bricks to remove old mortar because it will be nigh onto impossible to find a match otherwise.   

I will try to add a picture of the yard just because it is fun to watch the progression.  I am still in sticker shock over the price.  I would much rather have new wood floors in the upstairs or new carpet in the basement or....

Happy stamping!

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