Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You Are Amazing Card

I just love the word "amazing", don't you?  It sounds fun!  Another fun word to say is "squishy" because it sounds just like the actual characteristics.  Call me nuts but "squishy" is just fun to say.  I guarantee you will smile after trying to say it ten times.  If you really want to drive your children bananas (another fun word) try saying it ten times but with different facial expressions and intonations.  LOL!  Now you know the key to irritating teens and preteens.  Not a week doesn't go by that my daughter shakes her head and tells me that I am "so weird".  (-:  Mission accomplished! 

I am still working on thank you notes for the wedding but spring cleaning keeps distracting me from the truly important things in life.  (Wink)  I was sick for so long that my house is ready for a deep clean.  The labs still show Epstein Barr (mono) active so I am "eating the elephant one bite at a time".  One of my goals for today is to take a few of the cards upstairs to photograph so that I can post them tomorrow.

Happy stamping!

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