Sunday, April 12, 2015

So You Project Kit video

Hello and happy Sunday.   I am a day late (but hopefully not a dollar short) in posting this entry but we had the best weekend!  Saturday was filled with family at the family Easter luncheon on the farm.  My nephews are so adorable and it was fun to see all of the cousins playing with the baby goats and throwing pebbles, rocks and boulders into the "branch" ("crick" where I come from in Montana).  I was so tired by Saturday night but what fun!

Sunday is my favorite day of the week and I just love my church and church family.  Today was especially wonderful in that Bob and JoBeth Hooker were at our church this weekend.  Mrs. Hooker spoke about the types of love in a split session Sunday School just for ladies and then we heard her husband preach Sunday morning and Sunday night about the home.  They raised six daughters and all of them are serving God across the world!  I have been eagerly anticipating this Sunday for months and it was like Christmas to wake up this morning to remember again!  I am tired tonight but wanted to be as consistent as possible with my blog.  I think that it might be therapeutic to write on the blog too.  (Wink)

 If you want to check out the Hook Publications website click here.

If you would like to hear Bob Hooker speak on the family and "bless your gizzard" click here.  Yes, it is late and my sense of humor is running amok. 

Have a wonderful end of the weekend and check back on Monday for a card posting!
Happy stamping!

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