Monday, December 15, 2014

Military cards

Today, in spite of my best plans, there was no stamping.  Today was one of those terrible, awful, no-good home school days when you just grit your teeth and get through it.  LOL!  I must have done ok because the child giving me the fits is very loving tonight.  Phew!  I am definitely going to take "me time" tomorrow or maybe even tonight for some stamping so that I am not crabby tomorrow.  (-:  Tonight I plan to plot my cards so that tomorrow I can wax create.

My Heart pal (another demonstrator) sent this surprise package last weekend and it was definitely unexpected!  Now to have time to send my cousin, Jesse, a card before he deploys!  Hopefully he won't mind the army card because I haven't seen too many navy stamps. 

Here is our latest in the basement wall saga...cracks all over the wall, which explains the leaking water.  God knew before we tore out the wall.  God knew before the insurance company told us that it wasn't covered.  (-:  This morning I woke to the sound of one of the guys using the shop vac on the basement floor.  Sweet, sweet music!  LOL!

Happy stamping!


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